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4th IRSA


IRSA is an organization dedicated to the sharing and dissemination of information and knowledge regarding the study of rhythm, particularly in regard to jazz, improvised, and other creative musics. The aim of the organization is to facilitate the sharing of this information by providing a resource which musicians can use to gain access to the latest work, study and research in this field. The information contained on this site should be of interest to performers, educators and composers in the field of creative music.

IRSA headquarters is situated in the Souza Lima Conservatory of Music in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Each year the organization promotes a meeting in which invited participants get together to discuss recent developments in the world of rhythm, attend rhythm workshops, play together, and share information. Please feel free to look around our website.

Fone: (11) 3884 - 9149 • Rua José Maria Lisboa, 745 - Jardins - São Paulo - SP
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